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High Flow Bottles-CDWB0023 ~ CDWB0027
  • CDWO0023 Baby Blue
  • CDWO0024 Pink
  • CDWO0025 Green
  • CDWO0026 Blue
  • CDWO0027 Silver
  • CDWO0023
  • CDWO0024
  • CDWO0025
  • CDWO0026
  • CDWO0027

High flow valve water bottle

Easy to squeeze bottle for drinking to keep Hydrated 

Effortless sipping

Dishwasher safe and BPA Free

Wide opening for easy cleaning and filling


Body Material: PP

Nipple Material: TPR

Cap Material: PE

Volume: 620 C.C

Body Colorr: Clear



 CDWB0023: Baby Blue Cap & Logo Printing

 CDWB0024: Pink Cap & Logo Printing

 CDWB0025: Apple Green Cap & Logo Printing

 CDWB0026: Blue Cap & Logo Printing

 CDWB0027: Silver Cap & Logo Printing