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Vero Plus-CDBG0064 ~ CDBG0065
  • CDBG0065-Army Camouflage Camouflage one
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage Camouflage one
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage - Not including inner
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage - Not including inner
  • CDBG0065-Army Camouflage
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage
  • CDBG0064-Camouflage

Biggest wedge-shape design 

Popular Camo graphic for option 

Waterproof zipper w
ith stitched straps for Rattle-Free 

Various color for meet with your lovely bike

Twin-Velcro straps fixer to saddle rails and seat post 

Backstrap With reflector to help visibility at night 

External pocket for innertube or multi-tool 

Internal pockets to divide into portions for Co2 inflactor

Also for tyre lever, patches kits and multi-tool


Material: 300D Polyester Neoprene / 800D Nylon with Neoprene 

Size: 190 L x 80 W x 100 H mm


CDBG0064: Camouflage Green

Camouflage Brown