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Mini Pump-CDPP0014
  • CDPP0014
  • CDPP0014
Bicycle mini hand pump maximum capacity of 100 psi. 

Made of reinforced plastic barrel and highly durable aluminum shaft, Two-Tone surface 

treatment handle with Anti-Slip and comportable to use.

Telecope technology precise parts with automatically clever valve to connect Presta

and Schrader valves, integrated head with accurate
 In-Line pressure gauge and 

lockable lever to ensure that the 
Two-Way air intake a huge filling and faster inflating

pressure maximunm capacity.

Practical - Ultra-Compact and lightweight that can be portable and extra bicycle bracket

can be installed to frame, the snap-on with bukle fixing the handle and 
velcro strap

can be around barrel for securely. 
Barrel : Reinforced Plastic    
Shaft : Aluminum 

Thumb lock lever : Plastic 

Reversible valve for Schrader and Presta 

Size Length : 8" 

Max. Pressure 100 psi / 7 bar 

Weight : 135 g (without buckle) 

Feature : cycledesign logo

 Included extras bicycle bracket mount, velcro strap and bolts

 Integrated dust cap

 Integrated In-Line pressure gauge

CDPP0014 : Black