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Recycled PET-Grips-CDGP0079 / CDGP0080 / CDGP0081
  • CDGP0079 - Graphite
  • CDGP0080 - Chartreuse
  • CDGP0081 - Denim
  • CDGP0079 - Graphite
  • CDGP0080 - Chartreuse
  • CDGP0081 - Denim
The grip was through RPET which is made from used PET bottles. 


RPET (Recycled PET) fabric is a new environmentally friendly material, as it origin 

reduces waste from other products like PET bottle. Which can be melted and re-woven 

to be recycled into fabric, thus reduce the consumption of energy used and reduce the

emission of gases like dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Crafted from recycled PET material with uniquely designed CNC machined clamps and 

stitched fabric.  

This streamlined combination grip is bulit upon a matrix with an easy installation and 

high torque securely offers grips more safety in place.
Material : Recycled of bottle (PET) / Aluminum / Plastic 
Length : 130mm 

Inner Diameter : 
Weight : 110g 

Closed end

Aluminum locking ring clamp    

Feature : cycledesign logo

 CNC machined aluminum bilateral locking ring fully integrated into the grip, can be 

    completely non-slip effect

 Made of recycled PET fabric to reduce energy consumption

 Sweat-absorbing with shock-absorbenting foam bottom layer for bast comfort 

 Crafted from streamlined shape, tactile impression is comfortable and easy control 

Items :                    Specifications :                            Color : 

CDGP0079               Anodized Black Clamps               Graphite 

CDGP0080               Anodized Silver Clamps             

CDGP0081               Anodized Silver Clamps               Denim