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Auto-Flow Water Bottle / 600ML-CDWB0048 - CDWB0049
  • CDWB0048
  • CDWB0049
  • CDWB0048
  • CDWB0049
Middle size water bottle is made of PBA-free and recyclable material.

Optimized water bottle fits in a variety of bottle cage, and engineered squeezable bottle

to get more fluid easily.  

Excellent tight sealed from Auto-Flow jet valve and rotating closure offers a leak-proof 

cap design, and engineered squeezable bottle to get more fluid easily. 

Additionally, the bottle and cap are dishwasher and reusable. 

Then your frame's triangle is limited, but you want to have more fluid to supplement 

your needs while riding. This bottle is suitable for essential. 

Precisely crafted from high volume 600ml / 20oz to satisfy hydration for sufficient

liquid supply, a reliable cap is sealed tight and provide locks from auto-flow jet valve,

a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. 

PBA-free, food-grade and FDA-certified polyethylene bottle is flexible and antibacterial 


Recyclable PP material temperatures resistantance from -20
ºC to 90ºC. 

Material : PP / PE / TPR  

Volume : 600 ml / 20 oz 

Weight : 67 g

Auto-Flow jet valve 

Feature : cycledesign logo 

 Food-grade and FDA-certified is made from BPA-free polyethylene material

 Recyclable PP material temperatures of warm
 90°C liquids / flexible and tasteless 

 Auto-Flow jet valve, retation closure offer a leak-proof, comfortable squeezed bottle 

 Wide opening
the bottle and cap are dishwasher safe and reusable 

Available Colors : 

► CDWB0048 : Black Bottle / Black Cap / Blue Valve 

► CDWB0049 : Silver Bottle / Silver Cap / Transparent Valve