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Bottle Cage-CDWC0109
The Forked BottleCage is 2 in 1 extensive purpose and in typical fashion to grab bottle. 

Optimized the bottle cage has specific frame to storage the integrated blade tool

behind the bottle. 

Made of nylon with carbon fiber compound to build the sturdy, reliable and included

integrated tire lever with hex wrenches tool to clip on the frame of cage. 

Precisely crafted from polycarbonate with carbon fiber injection reinforced provides 

lightweight and high tough to insert the blade tool to cage. 

Excellent tool forming combine from cage with base has ideal monocoque mechanism, 

bilateral slip bottle form either the right or lefty can firmly hold the bottle securely.   
Material : Nylon / Carbon injection / Steel   

Size : 95mm*105mm*82 mm 

Weight : 44g 

Included bolt * 2pcs 

Included tools : tire lever / Hex wrenches 3 / 4 / 5 mm  

Feature : cycledesign UV decal logo 

 Integral compound with carbon fiber injection reinforced sturdy and lightweight 

 Integrated blade tool included tire lever and diverse hex wrenches 

 Wide application for bilateral slip and fit most bottle 

 cycledesign inspiration graphic for pleasant and simply mount to easy install on bike