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Leather Saddle Bag-CDBG0208 / CDBG0209 / CDBG0210
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Modern design and spacious opening and belt strap secures to the saddle rails.    

The unique Built-In brass press-button for easy and fast access while ensure valuables


100% handmade stitched used waxed polyamide thread and finished with natural oils 

and beeswax to apply leather. 

Made of unique design soild brass buckle Built-In leather strap secure to the saddle

rails underneath and the belt to attach the seatpost.  

Hand crafted of high quality vegetable-tanned leather for durability and classical. 

Made In Taiwan 100% hand-stitched. 


Material : Cow Leather 

Size : 120mm*100mm*80mm  

Capacity : 0.5L 

Weight : 259g

Brass hardware 

Feature : embossed cycledesign logo 

 Made In Taiwan 100% hand-stitched 

 Hand-crafted and high quality vegetable-tanned leather 

 Unique built-in soild buckle strap design and the belt while ensure valuable safety   

 Unique built-in press-button for easy opening closure for access   

Available Color :   

► CDBG0208 : Black 

► CDBG0209 : Coffee 

► CDBG0210 : Honey