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Handlebar Bag-CDBG0219
A medium capacity bag size for long distance road and gravel explore riding.

Built from high frequency welded seamless stucture, it's lightweight and hard wearing

warterproof fabric to protectors innter contents.

With the wide roll-top designed for easies to storage larger contents, and both sides

Roll-Buckle to main closure tightly steady.

Refective logo and light clip with reflective feature on the front for added safety.
Material : 600D TPU 

Capacity : 5 Liter approx. 

Size : 11-6
½" * 3-6½" * 10-6½" 

Weight : 220 g 

Light mounts clip with reflective visibility 

Feature : Reflective painting cycledesign logo 

 Seamless, High-Frequency welded structure 
| Waterproof 

 Nylon buckle webbing 
| D-Ring on each side 

 Roll-Top closer sealed by quick buckle 

 Light mounts clip