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Vero-QR-CDBG0129 ~ CDBG0137
  • CDBG0129 CDBG0132 CDBG0135 Color Black
  • CDBG0130 CDBG0133 CDBG0136 Color Red
  • CDBG0131 CDBG0134 CDBG0137 Color Green
  • CDBG0129 CDBG0132 CDBG0135
  • CDBG0130 CDBG0133 CDBG0136
  • CDBG0131 CDBG0134 CDBG0137
Q.R buckle attached to saddle rails
Reflective back look at night visibility 

Small inside pocket separately , install all the things quickly

Water resistant with light strap with non-rattle pulls

Integrated buckle system

One buckle size fix all available Q.R buckle bags


CDBG0129 (Black)

CDBG0130 (Red)

CDBG0131 (Green)

Material:  800D NYLON / 210D NYLON

Size: 135 x 65 x 70 mm ( S )
Weight: 107 g  


CDBG0132 (Black)

CDBG0133 (Red)

CDBG0134 (Green)

Material: 800D NYLON / 210D NYLON
Size: 150 x 85 x 85 mm ( M )
Weight: 125 g 


CDBG0135 (Black)

CDBG0136 (Red)

CDBG0137 (Green)

Material: 800D NYLON / 210D NYLON
Size: 190 x 100 x 90 mm ( L )
Weight: 150 g